Jumat, 21 September 2012

Wiosna oh Wiosna

              Hello! Last time there is an Aussie tourist as a native speaker came to my class.

              Her name is Wiosna. She is from Aussie and did an internship with Primagama. She is 23 and she is from Marlbourne, Aussie. She tells many amazing story, not only about Aussie, but also about herself :). She is so kind and beautiful =))
              But yesterday is the her last teach day in our school ;( she said that she will going to Bali for a week and back to Jogja again till Desember. Then she will back to Aussie :( oh I will miss you so much sist *huge {} I hope when I grow older, I can go to Aussie and visit you (say Amin please!) haha

I and Miss Wiosna =)) persis wae po persis banget :p

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