Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Why so serious?

Why so serious?
Just an ordinary word that I think there aint anything special on it.I just change my facebook style to be timeline style that be the newest style now.I choose the funny pictures in google so I would use it as my cover photo in facebook.I insert the wordkeys “animasi jari lucu” (a funny finger animation).So I get many picture of it.And this is it! I think this picture is the most funny with the analogycal words on it.Yeah! A finger that smile with words “Why so serious”.
                What my reason so I brave to say this? “why so serious” is a ordinary quest, and just like a joke quest or something like that.So what’s the special? –SERIOUS-serious that I mean is a condition where our self not feel good because our self just think about something in hardly, so our self didn’t feel enjoy or such as like that.We just think about this, about this and about this.How the impact of it? What the solution? Can I? I’am confused, I think I will be crazy because of this, and many others the bad thinking will appear in our mind because we just let our think to think very hard.Maybe that just a lil problem, but because we think of it so serious, that just make the problem is a problem anymore, or maybe make the others problem will appear.Oh no! How pity ! But that is true that a lot of people have think like that, they just think about the problem problem and problem, without any solution to make the problem be end.
                So this is why I think that “Why so serious” is an analogycal words, this words just ask to us what the relevant reason that can make we think about problem in hardly? I don’t mean that this words is ask us to decrease our attention, to decrease our responsibility when we have problem.But I mean that what is the good thing that will bring if we just think the problem without any solution? What’s the benefits? Nothing! Okay, serious is a good thing, but “so serious” in an urgentless problem is just make many harms.We just think about that problem, so we will forget the others thing that actually is need more attention.We just think the negative without any positive thinking.So when our problems be end? Think about that! :)

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