Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Thanks my friend :)

                Suddenly, I very very wanna tell about this.What thing about? That is about “sensytive” . I have a friend that has a good of sense.A friend that I dont believe before.Yeah, I called GS :) ( GS = Good Sense) . When I need help, and when  people just only can look at me without any action, GS is the hero for me.Haha maybe you think that is little bit berlebihan, whatever.And because of that I can make a conclusion that a “sense” is a valuable thing.I feel very thank to GS but I am so shy to say thanks to GS -__- .And yeah, I only can ask to Allah to reply the kindness of GS.Your sense is a valuablest thing, dont miss it, and I hope I can learn to have a good sense like you.You are a good friend, thanks :)

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