Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Rainbow oh Rainbow!

Do you like to stand behind the window of your house just for wait the rain be end ?
Do you like to run out to the outside of your house just for see the rainbow?
Enjoy it and imagine if you can walk on the rainbow, on the red part, then jump to the green part, jump to the yellow part, jump and jump again, could you?

What a beautiful the rainbow is !
And the rainbow invite you to dance on  the wet grass and also sing a song
Rainbow..rainbow..lalala ( what the title of this song? :o , ignore it :-D )
If I change to be a bird, I will fly on the sky, dancing with the rain and fly to the rainbow
Enjoy the scenery and stand up on the rainbow, shout out and say hello to the sun
Now I walking on the rainbow and jump!
The red part change to be a lake of red apples
The yellow part change to be a lake of orange juice
And the green part change to be a stack of leaf,
 I sit down on it and enjoy the red apples and orang juice

Awesome! This a great ! *Lalala and I singing again :3

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