Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Lalala~ love to sing

                Singing is my hobby.But bad voice is more proper to call my voice.I don’t know why, I have my own voice since borned.A lil bit nyempreng and often fales.But I don’t care! I  I feel enjoy is most important thing for me.Sometimes I pity to others people that heard my voice, I am afraid if my voice make them uncomfortable and break their ears.hehe, a lil bit lebay -,- .Lalala I love to sing, listening to the music and search the lyrics.Indonesian songs or kebarat-barat an songs? I love both.On Indonesian songs, I like 2000-an songs, suppose SO7, Jikustik, Kerispatih, and some of Peterpan’s songs.On barat-barat songs, I love to listen Westlife, Simple Plan, Greenday, Kelly Clarkson, Ketty Perry, and Avril Lagivne.I have some reasons why I like to listen them--- this is it !
  • ·         Why I love SO7’s songs? I think their song is simple and unique.SO7 not give cinta-cintaan in their songs at all, I like it
  • ·         Why I love Jikustik’s songs? I felt damai-damai gimana gitu after listen it. Their lyrics are very menyentuh hehehe
  • ·         What about Kerispatih’s songs? Wuss, Kerispatih’s song is very cuocik when we galao galao.Sometimes I think the Keripsatih’s song’s maker is the real galaoers, right? Hehe
  • ·         Peterpan’s song? Just as same as SO7’ song, simple J
  • ·         Nah, westlife ! ! their songs are very nice.As compared to others barat-barat’ songs, I have a lot more know very well to Westlife.The most nice songs of westlife are Flying Without Wings, My love, uptown girl, ext
  • ·         Simple plan wow! I love Simple Plan because their songs are very express who am I. Usually I sing Simple Plan’s song with freak expression :3 Special to Addicted, Welcome to my life, Untitled, and Perfect.oh, I remember something, yeah the last one, Perfect song, I have a freak experience about that, I will tell you but don’t say it to anyone, okay? Hehe.One year ago, when I still 9 grade student.My class get Art Subject, and we got task to play a music instrument and at the same time we have to sing a barat song with that music instrument. Keyboard or guitar? we have to choose one. And I decided to choose guitar instrument. I choose Perfect song because I thought its guitar key is a lil bit simple. Everyday I tried and tried with my bigbro.And finally, the scoring day is came :o and how unfortunate am I ! I get second shift -,- .And my shift! I very very nervous, and my friends support me, they shouted at me “ Imel imel” oh no, I very nervouse.And when I started to pluck the strings of guitar I felt my fingers is mlayu-mlayu begitu from the strings -,-, and I tried to pluck again and failed again :/ until my teacher asked me “gek kapan mulaine ? “ hehe and finally I weather the storm :p and my friends give applause for me and I got 85 from my teacher. But do you know what? I cried when I back to my position, my friends asked me “la ngopo mel? Apik kok mau keren” ( they just try to make me calm, I know) and you know why I cried? ISINNNNNNNNNN !
  • ·         Kelly Clarkson, Ketty Perry, Avril Lavigne? They have a big expression when they sing a song :3 I like to imitate them :3 but my family and my friends often said that I too over to imitate them, I don’t care! This is my style :-D :-D
Lalala, that’s all a little of my story about my hobby :3 but don’t ask me to sing for you, because I too tired, I just come from my first album launching in LA :3 buahahahaa –LOL!

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